Almost Perfect!!!

 Got forwarded from my friends.. i think most of ppl saw this pics…

But everytime that i see this pics. It make me think…

Damn.. its ALMOST PERFECT!!!!!!



almost perfect

Hotel cases( Lady BOY)

hotel cases 

 About last week.There were  2 pp walk down trough the check-in desk.


As I European guy, and one lady( but as in my eyes that lady is He)  

Me: ‘Good after noon Sir, How may i help you? 


Guest: yes you may. I have a reservations for 2 Nights” 


Me: Take a seat first Sir, and May i see your passport pls. 

The guy gave  me passport. and i look at the gal.

(speak in English)And may i have  your passport also, ma’am, 

She look at me. And said. Mai mee passport( i don’t have passport)

So i said. Your id card would be fine  ma’am 

She said, no i didn’t bring it  So. I said its ok


             In my mind in that time…Hell,

 i know you dont want that guy see your passport,

Coz he will know that you re a HE not a She. 

Checking -in was smoothed.everything went well..

he ask some info about Thailand also.  


after they check in, around 15 min. The guy comedown and ask me. 

 Do you remember me. You just checked me in.

I replied, yes of course Sir. How may I help you?? 

You remember the gal that come with me.

I replied, Yes sir. 

What do you think about her?

I replied, Yes. She’s very beautiful 

And one last thing he ask. I can feel his awkwarded that he a bit too shy to ask or whatever, 

Is She a Real Girl??

The taxi guy  that i used from the airport keep telling me ladyboy lady boy… 

 Speechless for a few second,,

as its not our business to talk about guest or judge anything about them… 



Luckily that gal walk down and walk through him.So I don’t have to answer that question..  

If you were me.

Would You tell him?  

 P.s. If i tell him mayb that Gal will slap me…lol……