SilkScreen(part II)

OK…. Heres the part II of my SilkScreen work

From last time we got the  Mermaid Block

Use packing tape to block off any open areas of the screen that you don’t want to print.


Yeah// Finish    ^^


prepare color and squeegee


My First Silkscreen shirt. I choose my old Hollister Tank Top… 😀


Pour color on the edge


Pressing very firmly with the squeegee. Drag all the way end


After finish, you can keep the ink… u can reuse it  ^^


Yeah.. My very first Mermaid SilkScreen


Let the Sun dry it.. or you can use Hair dryer


yeah…. yeah.. My very First mermaid silkscreen Tank Top…

SilkScreen (Part I)

I love Artsy thing.

or the thing that made by hand…

I feel like that kind of handmade thing is The ‘ONLY ONE‘..

yeah. we can’t copy it or make it again. even the same picture.

it wont be the same anyway.


Lately I bought the book about DIY( Do It Yourself)

The book is about SILKSCREEN…. They teach you the easy way to make(yourself) silkscreen.

and here —What I learn from that CD.. its my first Silkscreen Block that I made…… ^^


First step, you need this stuff

1. VARNISG Type-P (Black Gloss)— 115 THB

2.SilkScreen Block—-Depends on the size 50thb-300Thb



First—> You have to Know what picture you want to screen.

For myself I like to screen Mermaid. so I draw the mermaid on the paper first.

and Copy it on the Silkscreen frame, just by using the pencil.

Second—> Paint Vanish  to the area that you dont want the colour to show.

after you finish, Leave it for a Night or till the paintin’ Dry… ( U can use hair dryer too)

So,, Heres  the Mermaid…. 😀

To Be continued