Great Mosque of Xi’an

Great Mosque of Xi’an

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The Great Mosque of Xi’an (Chinese: 西安大清真寺),
located near the Drum Tower (Gu Lou) on 30 Huajue Lane of Xi’an, Shaanxi province,
China,is one of the oldest and most renowned mosques in the country.
It was first built in the Tang Dynasty (reign of Emperor Xuanzong, 685-762),
and renovated in later periods (especially during the reign of Emperor Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty).
It remains a popular tourist site of Xi’an, and is still used by Chinese Muslims (mainly the Hui people)
today as a place of worship. Unlike most mosques in Middle Eastern or
Arab countries, the Great Mosque of Xi’an is completely Chinese in its construction and architectural style,
except for some Arabic lettering and decorations, for the mosque has neither domes nor traditional-style minarets.[1]

yeah….Our first day in Xi’an, we do nothing much,as we arr late.

We stayed at Shanglira Hotel…

our 1st day we just take a taxi( its quite far from central area,around 20 min by taxi)

and walk around central area,went to Chinese restaurant,and  take taxi back to Hotel.

the taxi meter here start from 6 CNY(Yuan), Taxi meter in Beijing start from 10CNY(Yuan).

I like the taxi in Xi’an, they have the cage between the driver and the passenger ,

Thats look safe to me… reduce the robber,crime, 🙂

Good idea, i think they should do that in Thailand too

Here is the picture at the City Wall and the Great Mosque in Xi’an and the local area..

I love that area.

really local life. walking on the street, buy food on the street,

take a very nice shot(By Dave” The camera man”)

and the weather so good, we both no rush, just walk around, see local life..

Love it !! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥