Pickin’ Malalai Up

Today, Im going to Pick Malalai’up from her Kannel….

I feel really exciting. Its been 44 days since I ‘ve been waiting for her. wait till she grow enough

Who knows today mayb I will get Malalai or mayb get her Sis too,,,

Its depend on the Owner  of that Kennel that she will give me  or not (2 pugs for better price )

Well.. I dont mind if I can’t get 2 pug, Coz first thing. I only wanna have one dog,

But just worry that Malalai will feel lonely,thats why I get an idea to take 2 pugs.

Will see…this evening…… lol…..

As I always contact with the Dog Kennel. and she’s really nice lady, her name is P Tong.

shes always give me an advice about Pug, so I think I made something for her.

yes,,, nothing much that I can made,,, ahhaha.. but.. yes Painting (again)

I will give her this painting.. I Hope She will Like it. and put it in her Kennel.

Visit her website at http://www.gtsairoong.net/

MY new baby( part VIII)

Yes… Now Malalai is 5 weeks old

Sooner, she gonna come to new home. 😀

I think shes getting Chubby, I was worrying that she will have dark fur,

But P Tong said. when they growing up, the color will change a bit.

I saw picture of Malalai’ bro and Sis and i feel like I want Them All….

My New baby (part VII)

Now my Malalai is 4 weeks old ..

Shes getting bigger… lol.. chubby little cute

My New Baby (Part III)

I still searching … Keep Looking up…see if I can find a better PUG..

But i guess there’s no other Kennel Better than GT SAIROONG*THUMB UP**

and I click on gt-sairoong-kennel.tarad.com and i saw they update the pics of little PUG.

and I sudden FALL IN LOVE  with FEMALE 2   so i make up my mind, call to ask, see if she’s still available.

and yes… awww… She is… 🙂  and  what even more Happy is K.Thanijkorn gave me a good price..,

I really appreciate and feel really really happy. I told her that i will name my PUG….



Theses are all her BRo and SIs.. they all so cute.. But… hey!! I fall in love with Malalai

My new baby(part I)

Me and my Bf, we about to move to new apartment and we thinking about having a Dog.

and of course  must be PUG,, its such a miracle that me and my baby love PUG….

i’ve been searching on internet all day, about where to buy my little baby..

First i thought i will buy at Jatujak(weekend market)

but as i read in many forum, it said, puppies from that place not so healthy,

and around 70 percent,puppies die after they take puppies home..

or have to pay a lot for the Vet. and some have no Pedigree..

and today i found one website about PUG.


i called and ask , and yeah yeah, they just have a new  baby born,…lol..

Im so exciting.. But when i ask her, how much for the PUG, she said 30,000 THB,,,

i was like… Hell, why its so expensive.

But yes,, it is, coz her Daddy is USA Champion..

well i dont know so much about pedigree, or champion, or dog for show.

i want a pug, Coz i Love PUG. so i ask my Bf, and he said, if it worth just take it…

and i guess, its worth.

so this Monday im gonna go to visit my Malali

( Me and my Bf name her Malalai♥)

Heres the picture from GT SAIROONG KENNEL..

Im  Really looking forward to see my Malalai