Since Sierra heard the firework last night.seem like she scare and lose her self-control a lot.

She scare all the noises now..

shes always look outside the balcony when theres some strange noises + seem like she feel there something must happen,Coz me and Dave packing thing moving thing around…

Big change for her.♥♥

Malalai & Sierra

Its been 6 days that  I took Malalai and Sierra home….

They pretty much be good girls now..

They pee and poop on the poopie pad that I prepare for them.

The first day for M&S at her new house, I think she feel excite and sad, its like a mix feelin’ coz they have to be away from their family.

so the first night as I noticed, Malalai and Sierra walked around her little house(that I bought for her),actually the house belong to Malalai (ONLY).

But as I got Sierra too… so Malalai have to share her house with her sister…  I guess she agree with that,

They re so cute and adorable…. But first few day, they made me pissed Coz they Poop and pee on the floor…

( Piss for 1 min and then They made me smile and laugh again Coz of their funny face,

when I said. ‘No NO.. I told you Don’t Poop on that… awwww…....นิสัยไม่ดี นิสัยไม่ดี ไม่รักแล้ว

They both will look at me and make woozle face, That is so cute.. aww.. How can I get angry at Them เฮ้อ

(I talk to them in Eng and Thai, Coz when they grow up im gonna send them to Obedience school )

now they know where to pee and poop. Im so happy. at least I can teach them a bit as they re just a little baby…

Their routine,

Wake up/ Breakfast/ Playing/Poop/Tired and take a nap/

Lunch/Playing/Tired take a nap/

Dinner/playing/Tired and Sleep/wake up in the middle of the night and Play

You Know. If you  Love Dog, you will know how it feel when you have them, play with them.

They have sense, they know when you feel sad or you feel happy,

Sometime when  I feel sad, they will just come to sleep on my lap, lick my hands. and make funny face to make me laugh.



Sierra and Malalai

Sierra and Malalai( Malalai play death )

Malalai Play


Sierra แอ็บแบ้ว

Malalai say HELLOooooo

My Ball 😀


Camera cameraaa

Malalai Yawning

Malalai Boo



My new baby(part IX)

Yesterday  25th of March, Thats the day that Malalai was 6 weeks old.

Shes getting  bigger. I was suppose to put this blog  yesterday, But damn * smthn*

I dont know whats wrong with wordpress, i can’t log in to my account,, Thats really piss me off.. Oh well…..

So heres the picture of her…

MY new baby( part VIII)

Yes… Now Malalai is 5 weeks old

Sooner, she gonna come to new home. 😀

I think shes getting Chubby, I was worrying that she will have dark fur,

But P Tong said. when they growing up, the color will change a bit.

I saw picture of Malalai’ bro and Sis and i feel like I want Them All….

funny Dave

My New baby ( part II)

Just got email back from Khun Thanijkorn,


ยินดีค่ะที่จะมาเยี่ยมชมลูกสกายวอทช์ครอกใหม่ในวันที่ 15 นี้ สงสัยได้มาชมเป็นรายแรกเลยนะคะ

น้องหมาเกิดเมื่อวานค่ะ วันที่11 กพ. จะรับได้เมื่ออายุเดือนครึ่งค่ะ เราจะทำวัคซีนและฝังชิพเมื่อเค้าอายุ 45 วัน
ก็คือประมาณวันที่ 28 มี.ค. ค่ะ แต่ถ้าสะดวกอยากรับลูกสุนัขในวันที่ 15 มีนาคม ตอนนั้นลูกสุนัขอายุได้เดือนเศษ
ถ้าลูกสุนัขกินอาหารเม็ดได้เก่งแล้ว และแข็งแรงดี ก็จะให้รับไปก่อนได้ แล้วถึงเวลาเดือนครึ่งไม่เกินสองเดือน


อ้อ..ลูกครอกใหม่นี้เป็นเพศผู้ 3 เพศเมีย 2 นะคะ


I guess shes the one who take care the dog..

Im so excite to meet Malalai,

but as she said,

I can pick Malalai up when shes 45 days old,

after she got all vaccine and microchip ..

awww.. i feel like i can’t wait..

I really want to see my  Malalai.