House for Malalai

Today.. i was thinking about buying a house(cage) for Malalai ,

Becoz when  Im not home, she will not walk around, and poop around.. lol…..

well.. anyway i will teach her to poop outside,(Will do my best,,awww.. Hope shes not to mean to teach something)

i search GOOGLE( oh yeah MR GOOGLE Know -it -ALL) and I saw one website. its about Petshop..

seem like its a trustful, reliable website. so i order the hose for Malalai, i feel all the details,

and after that 5 min, theres staff call me back and ask me wheather i want Messenger to send the stuff that i order..

I thought.. yesh. Thats so nice.. I dont have to wait… and dont have to carry heavy stuff home…

You know theres many thing i want to buy but i cant,

coz i cant carry them home, its too heavy fro me I have to waiting for Dave to come.. So that he will help me.. My Super Power Man..

By the way, if you guys wanna order some stuff for your puppy, try this website

Love it….. 😀