–>DIY<— Its Digging Day….

–>DIY<— Its Digging Day….

Lots of fun digging and decorating today,, Woo Hoo.. ^^

Its Tuesday, yeahhhh   ^^

These day I’ve been busy both day time and night time.. Pffff.

Coz I start selling my stuff, The stuff   that I dont use anymore

Wow, cant believe that people really bought my stuff..lol…

Mayb I should open accessories shop+clothes shop.. 5555

Well.. Thats future thing, now I have to concentrate about my study,

so selling is just my part time job now

If you guys interest u can click on link below

——-> Stuff For Sales By UNny

Alright, heres what I’ve been doing today. 😀

The reason that Im doing this because, I dont like that patch part,

The grasses not grow properly,

Its look really ugly, So I think I should do something with it.

and I got and I dea, Why don’t  I make a walking path?

Coz the grasses wont grow on that area anyway,

so Its better just put something on top of that,

I start with put some brick as the plan that I want

Malalai wee wee.. lol… 😛

Malalai and Sierra feel really excite to see Im doing this,

They walking around, running around,

act like crazy, sniff the rock, lick the brick

About to finish, yeah  ❤

and yeah…..  😀