Heres my 2nd Lot

—->SOLD<—-xxx THB A Really Cute Maroon color wallet

250 THB  *USED*Cross body leather bag

*USED* SOLD<———-

*USED*   2500 THB     Mint Condition—->BOCCELII Bag

—->SOLD<——–  xxxTHB. From Rome, Italy

—>SOLD<—– from Rome, Italy

350 THB Mosaic  Key Ring from Istanbul, Turkey

350 THB Mosaic  Key Ring from Istanbul, Turkey

100THB/Pcs—>  key ring from Israel

29THB—-> Key ring from China

China Trip

10 days in China…..

I was like…… Hell. i will never come back in China (again)

err…. i mean in WINTER TIME……. !!!

even its not snowing…

(well, im a bit sad that i  have no chance t see snow in China.

all i saw just those slush in the temple, on the great wall

But as i heard, Dave told me. the day we back to BKK theres a snow storm in China…..

WeLL… Im Lucky then…. its the first time that i face a really Really COLD Weather.

I missed Thailand a lot… I Miss our Hot weather, Miss our food. Even i can eat Chinese food.

But i still think, Thai Food is the Best !!! Best Best Best !!! Best of The Best   😀

especially Somtam……

First day in China… after we arrive at the airport in Beijing….

we walk out… i felf so cold by sudden, I told Dave… Damn it. Its cold baby.

Pls be hurry.. find the Taxi and get out of here…. Damn ,even get out of here.

its gonna be so cold anyway…. i feel so stupid.

we stayed at Hostel called Sitting on the city walls, near The forbidden city.

I totally Love THIS PLACE… the staffs so nice. and feel so comfy.

we stayed  in Beijing for 7 days and then we fly to Xi’an, stay at The Shangrila Hotel.

the room is so nice. and as u knew.. the service so excellent.

every time when we  come back to our room.

the bed already made, . so i was wondering, how they knew that we go out… lol.

I love the service@ Shangrila.

even most of the staff there cant speak English well.. but they all have service mind, and willing to help .

Stay in Xi’an for 3 dyas. i think that quite enough for me. the weather there not so cold. its warmer than Beijing

Heres some misc from  my trips. 🙂