UK Cake

25th Dec, Its Dave Birthday—– >

I wanna make some surprise for him,So I order cake for him.

I look up on the internet ,search the bakery that can order special cake.

Coz I want them make UK cake for Dave..

——————- I found one website, ———-

and some picture that she made the cake, Its look pretty good,

so I sent her email and ask If she can make my UK cake

and she said Yes .—> Im So happy.

But I still not sure that she can make it perfect or not, so I told her to send me picture when the cake done.

Coz I will not be able to see the cake till 25th.. (Coz If  Go out Dave will ask me where Im I…)

Shes doing such a GOOD JOB.. I Like it, and Dave Love his cake so much

Heres the picture of our UK Cake

If u guys interest u can check at this website


—- Tasty cake + Reasonable price