One month???

God… time pass so fast, cant believe that its almost one month already…

Im I change?/ oh yes, I think im getting thinner while my bf getting fatter,,, he eat and eat and eat,

Yes I eat too…eat like a cat… yes of course. I don’t like those food, bread,pizza,ect.

All the time that I eat, I have to order ketchup.

Coz it help me to eat.(i think its like NamPla)

Our flight arrive at the airport in Athens afternoon time. But we have to waiting for our 2 friends.

They re sisters Becca and Deb.

We wait like almost 2 hours but they not arr we think.

Theres must be something wrong with them.

So Dave he walk up and check with the airline.

And yes. They missed their flight… so we both decided to go to the Hotel first .

We checked in for our room and their room too.

Our room located  in Acropolis area.

We can walk to Acropolis and Plaka area so easily

Heres are some pics that I choose from our pics.

We have like than thousand… my bf love to take picture a LOT…..


athen at nite




Girl vs man

dawood and habibi