Arun Residence

If you looking for a nice, boutique, unique, quiet Hotel. I recommended this one

Arun Residence. Located near Wat Pho


This place for me. It s like an apartment( in my opinion)and they renovated or whatever re-built it to be a HOTEL.


They have only 7 rooms in this entire Hotel . yes Im not type it wrong. They have only 7 Rooms not 70 rooms.( I didn’t forget to put O(zero) .

Im not that old tho  )


7 rooms.






Jasmine Suite 

Ratchapruek Suite   

Arun Suite 


We stay in Arun Suite. The only suite that have Magnificent View of Wat Arun( temple of Dawn)


If you really wanna stay there. You have to plan like a month or even a year.

Coz that room always fully Book.( yes,, of course coz they have only one Arun Suite….



The amenities theres is good.  And when you check in. you have to choose your breakfast from the date you check- in.

I think its good tho the next day you just come down and get your breakfast at The Deck Restaurant.



Heres some pics from Arun Residence. All credit goes through my boyfriend. He took all the pictures there.i only put them together.


near by ,well actuallly opposite this Hotel is  Wat Pho

wat pho