Koh Samui

First day @Koh Samui.…. Everybody took a nap…..


Leaving BKK @ 11pm(24/07/10)

Arrive samui @ 1.30pm(25/07/10)

This Long holiday we taking Malalai and Sierra to Koh Samui

We can’t fly as they allow only One dog per flight… so we hired a driver and a car taking us to KOh Samui…

I’ve been to Koh Samui before, so nothing excite much for me…

I just need to escape from Bangkok, wanna spent time with friends and my boyfriend..


We leaving Bkk @11 pm and arrive at Suratthani province 9am next day.

I was so tired, Well everybody so tired, Coz have to sleep in the car, which is not comfortable at all.

even we got our own seat to lay down..


We get on to the Seatran Ferry @ Donsak pier. You can check for more details here—>   http://www.seatranferry.com/

It takes 1 hour and 30 min to reach at Nathon Pier,Koh Samui..

While we on the ferry everybody look @Malalai and Sierra… yeah.. they look so cute with that Jacket on..

This time we stay at Baan Khao Hua Jook,

P’ Tuk  is the one who prepare and book the room for our trip.(Thank you ja )

The room that we have is 2 Bedroom Villa with private swimming pool


If you ask me if I like this Resort or not..

Ok. Frankly, The first time that i saw this villa, I Like it.

but when I see details about the house the stuff there. I think its a bit old and they re not take care it so well.

For example, They have a really nice Dining table, but they not clean it so well.

and those curtain. –>Roman Blinds style<–.. we can’t even pull it down…  their  steel rod so mess up..eer..

and the other thing is—->Theres black out like twice or more…

we have to be in the dark with the candle light..  and what else… Yeah. electric shock..

Yes, P Tuk got electric shock from sink.. First I dont believe, but when I put my hand

in the water,  I get a slight shock.  I  think there could be a fault with water heater

Coz I saw  the heater under the sink is open/ no cover and the wire is mess up…

That really Dangerous tho… I think they all know what happen in this villa but they not inform that to guest??


Ok. I give this villa 6 to 10….

I may come back and stay here again,

but my request would say, —>’NOT Gonna stay in VIP VILLA Electric shock Room.


apart from that, everything is good, I think everybody enjoy it here in Samui.


The little boy in picture, he so cute……. He comes to play with Malalai and Sierra, and Dave give him an apples…

and he show off his knowledge about English, he said…Boy is เด็กผู้ชาย(Dek-poo-chai)….. and Earl is เด็กผู้หญิง(Dek-Poo-Ying)

I told him, its GIRL not Earl…… But He resist,, He said.. its EARL.. Earl is Dek Poo ying….lol…….. I try to tell him,, and he told me,,

My Momma teach me,,, she said EARL is Dek Poo Ying,, So its must be EARL.…. I trust my mom…… I was like… LOL>… OK… Good boy.

on 28th we took speed boat to Koh Phangan, For FULLMOON Party….

Full moon party= load of teenager, drug, drunkard…. Everybody have so much fun…  some act like crazy…. Oh…., I love to see when people act like crazy, its really funny.

and here, A guy come to ask My Bf  if he want some DRUG…. yeah/// walk to us and ask….lol….. Oh, Thank you, we dont need drug… hahhaa..


— How to spot drug seller—>

Local people.. standing near the beach and  looking at people walking by.

they not dance.not carry any drink.

They will ask you If you want some Ka-nom (snack).

First time I got asked by that , I was like,, NO I dont want Ka-nom, I have my Kanom already…lol…..

Well.. thats the first time that I step to KOh Phangan..

so now  I know, what Kanom means  😀

And here,, I Lost My Hat,, I bought a really cute hat,  and

some idiot took my Hat  when I’m about to take a pic of Dave on Big Slider…

I thought he gonna give it back to me, but he not, he just gone,

(I can’t remember his face tho….).. and its too crowd….

and the other thing that I dont like is,, Its So RUDE,

How u steal ppl hat on their head.???..

If U wanna join …Fullmoon, be prepare about Weirdo..


SongKran Splash

Happy New Year ( Thai New Year )

13rd/14th/15th Of April, its our New year.

What we do on that day???.  well. Most of the people will go back to their hometown, visit their family,and celebrate Songkran.

How to celebrate????

Morning time they will go to temple,make merit,and after that they will play water,(water fight)… lol…

Thats the most fun part that I Like. get wet, as  April is the Hottest Month here in Thailand.. so its good to get wet..

But this year I didnt go back to my hometown, I stay in Bkk  went down to Khaosan Road on 13rd..

There. I thought I will have some fun… But its not. Coz somebody fighting, and that scare me..

I thought Its Red-shirt fight.. Oh God. so we went back home early.. Not fun anymore.

The next day on14th, we went to Silom. Patpong area(Red light district).. Thats was Ok too…

But anyway…Just want to wish all the people HAPPY NEW YEAR,

Wish this year Bring all the happiness to your LIfe..

Be an Angel for Charity

Yes, last night was so fun. It was a GREAT party.

Be an Angel for Charity.. it was fun night out to met friends, also new friends.

Frankly im a SLOTH Type , im lazy to going out at night,

I always feel that its not safe to go out at night.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to hang out.

Yes I Do like to hangout (sometime) but its gonna be more fun if my bf here.

Coz I feel safe when im with him.

Hes like my Hero… My Super hero

Heres some pics from last night,

I wish Dave were there…

but I guess I have to wait….

But its ok. Just a few more weeks.

And I can be with Dave.