She is so Beautiful

I Just finish my newest acrylic painting

Title- She is so beautiful ,By Unny



Every time I look at this painting, I feel so peaceful. I feel like she’s REAL.
and her face look so happy and relax,and those beautiful jewelry 
so stunning,
she seem to be a very happy woman
a happy woman not because of what she wearing or  her beautiful face, but its because she’s Happy from her heart

DIY Earring Hanger

About week ago, Im look up something on the internet,,,

—–What Did I look up??

Earring hanger– yes.

–>Coz I got load of earring and I got just a few earring hanger.

and I saw one girl she post DIY earring hanger,

First time I saw that. I thought to myself.

‘Its such a Superb idea’. yes, Im going to do that earring hanger.

Its easy and cheap(  If u have all the stuff )


Lets start it

Things to prepare

1.Picture Frame ( Any kind of frame that u like.

I dont have an old frame at my house so I bought this frame. I want White color tho, but they dont have it )

2.Door netting,  U can buy at the household store


4.Metal Stapler

5.Cloth( For back frame)


Ok, Im going to write it step by step, so its easy for you to follow

1.—>Cut the door netting (  same size as ur Frame or u can cut it a bit bigger and u can trim it out later)

and join them together with your stapler ( you might want your daddy or your BF help you ,Coz its quite hard, lol

as for me after i finish this all my hands re red(bruise) …

Heres the frame after putting the door net

Second step .. cut the cloth and joining it with the frame( Its just like u did to your door netting )

and now.. Your Frame is ready for all the Earring

Here ya Go..—–>

My DIY Earring hanger ..Its so awesome ,isn’t it.

Helping u keep your earrings in pair

( so now all your earring gonna stick as a pair)

No need to run around the room and find the other side of ur earring  😛 ( I did that all the time )

But i guess I need one or 2 more of This…lol..

seem like  only one frame is not enough for my all earring….

Have a Great Great day Folks   xxx

SilkScreen (Part I)

I love Artsy thing.

or the thing that made by hand…

I feel like that kind of handmade thing is The ‘ONLY ONE‘..

yeah. we can’t copy it or make it again. even the same picture.

it wont be the same anyway.


Lately I bought the book about DIY( Do It Yourself)

The book is about SILKSCREEN…. They teach you the easy way to make(yourself) silkscreen.

and here —What I learn from that CD.. its my first Silkscreen Block that I made…… ^^


First step, you need this stuff

1. VARNISG Type-P (Black Gloss)— 115 THB

2.SilkScreen Block—-Depends on the size 50thb-300Thb



First—> You have to Know what picture you want to screen.

For myself I like to screen Mermaid. so I draw the mermaid on the paper first.

and Copy it on the Silkscreen frame, just by using the pencil.

Second—> Paint Vanish  to the area that you dont want the colour to show.

after you finish, Leave it for a Night or till the paintin’ Dry… ( U can use hair dryer too)

So,, Heres  the Mermaid…. 😀

To Be continued


When i have day off..

the thing that i like to do or always do is painting…. 🙂

and this time. i was thinking about Egyptian thing.

as inspiration from my Bf ,

he  gave me the papyrus painting from Egypt.

Which i really like it. i always want to see or smell Papyrus paper..

i dont know why i feel fastinated about egyptian thing..

but i feel good  when i draw and painted this pic.

well. for this time i use acrylic colours,

coz i have to paint on the wood…

and yes. again. its free wood.. …..

i ask from our engineer dept from our Hotel,, heheh.

Start with drawing..

start painting

yeah…. still paint.

Oh yeah about to finish…

My Egyptian God Wish you LUCK