New way to Decor your house

I Went to Central World 2 weeks ago.

Walk to B2S shop,and stop by one counter.

They have the pattern Book, show their product,

and its interested to me. its the decor sticker .

I like the Eiffel Tower and Kitty play. but they dont have the stock there.

so I just walked out and  told myself that.. well I didn’t want that much.

But after I come back to my room.

I log in into their website (that I apparently wrote it

Is that sound like i didn’t want that sticker much??

So I saw that they have many design, but anyway, I still like The Eiffel and Kitty Play

,so i called and order( They have Messenger staff delivery for you  if you re in BKK area)

Feel good to doing this..  🙂

The Blank Wall

The Box

Feel like 10 years old girl again

Little by Little