DIY Earring Hanger

About week ago, Im look up something on the internet,,,

—–What Did I look up??

Earring hanger– yes.

–>Coz I got load of earring and I got just a few earring hanger.

and I saw one girl she post DIY earring hanger,

First time I saw that. I thought to myself.

‘Its such a Superb idea’. yes, Im going to do that earring hanger.

Its easy and cheap(  If u have all the stuff )


Lets start it

Things to prepare

1.Picture Frame ( Any kind of frame that u like.

I dont have an old frame at my house so I bought this frame. I want White color tho, but they dont have it )

2.Door netting,  U can buy at the household store


4.Metal Stapler

5.Cloth( For back frame)


Ok, Im going to write it step by step, so its easy for you to follow

1.—>Cut the door netting (  same size as ur Frame or u can cut it a bit bigger and u can trim it out later)

and join them together with your stapler ( you might want your daddy or your BF help you ,Coz its quite hard, lol

as for me after i finish this all my hands re red(bruise) …

Heres the frame after putting the door net

Second step .. cut the cloth and joining it with the frame( Its just like u did to your door netting )

and now.. Your Frame is ready for all the Earring

Here ya Go..—–>

My DIY Earring hanger ..Its so awesome ,isn’t it.

Helping u keep your earrings in pair

( so now all your earring gonna stick as a pair)

No need to run around the room and find the other side of ur earring  😛 ( I did that all the time )

But i guess I need one or 2 more of This…lol..

seem like  only one frame is not enough for my all earring….

Have a Great Great day Folks   xxx


25th June—->

its a Good day.. Its the day that we move to our new house..

we use BIGMOVE service, they come to pack  for us. we dont have to do anything..

Its good service tho..


The reason that we moved Coz Malalai and Sierra getting bigger,

and they have no chance to exercise much. just run around in the living area….

Its not bcoz our room is not good.. The condo that we stay was good,,,

But its getting smaller since our dog getting bigger.

And its difficult for us to put them in the bag and take them out.

(as you know they not allow pet in Condo)… So its good to try,


We searching from the internet,

and we found one website—>

They got pretty good asset, we choose the one near my University, so that  its easy for me to go to Uni.

we went to see 2 houses, the first one which we stay now and the second one which Dave really likes,

But I think that house is too old and too big for us. So we choose the first one.


Our new house is really far from central… it is Really Really far… :D… I knew it, but I like it here.

so natural and when I wake up in the morning, I dont have to see tall building.

All I see is the park in front of our house, and the sound of the birds. Oh and dog’ barking.

And  we have a visitor every day. The Golden retriever next door(I guess) they come to visit Malalai and Sierra.

and Terria he comes to visit them every day and pee on our fence everyday too…

I think he doing that its like he reserve Malalai.

or showing his arcade….

Hahahahah Whatever, its cute tho… ^^

and everyday  from 5 pm. many kids will out to play at the park,

Some come to play with M & S ,they feel excite to see Malalai and Sierra …

Seem like everybody love Malalai and Sierra… Yes of course…Coz they re so cute

we going to have our House Warming Party soon.