Angkor Wat(part II)


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Some details about Angkor Wat

Date : Early 12th century(between 1113 and 1150)

Style : Angkor Wat

Reign : Suryavarman II


The world’s largest religious monument

Architectural masterpiece in fine proportions and rich in detail

;the apogee of classical Khmer construction

Some 600 m of narrative bas-relief and nearly 2,000 apsara

Angkor Wat, forming a rectangle of about 1,500 by 1,300 metres,

covers an area including its 190 metre wide moats – of nearly 200 hectares.

The external enclosure wall defines an expanse of 1,025 metres by 800,

or 82 hectares. It is the largest monument of the Angkor group.

The First day at Angkor , I don’t have my tour guide.

So I don’t know so much info about this. But we got a book.

Yeah.. those kids try to persuade me to buy it…lol…….

…. Im standing there, watching ppl bargain with those kids

at Angkor,in market area

( Infront of Angkor Wat have so many kids who try to sell you books. hat,scarf.ect..

they will walk to you like 4 or 5 kids.

try to talk to you and want you to buy their stuff.

I know sometime its so annoy.. But Pls. they just do their job.

if you really dont wanna buy from them.

you just say Thank you and walk away thats all.

but not me….i talk to them

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Monkeys around Angkor Wat Area

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I walked around Angkor Wat.

( I don’t think I see all around yet,)

Many area still close and have The information Board.

And there ‘s one sign I saw it all around..

so I just wonder.

Whats that sign.

Its like some Foundation or Organization or something.

I got answer from my bf.

Its APSARA Authority,

who manages the Angkor temples and the surrounding area

( If you interest you can search at


Yes. talk about apsara. You know right.. that Apsara mean Angel or นางฟ้า

Apsaras are supernatural beautiful girls:

they appear as young women of great beauty

and elegance who are proficient in the art of dancing, at Angkor Wat

At Angkor have like almost 2000 apsara.

.that incredible. And in each Apsara, Its UNIQUE

different dress,

different hair style,

different face,

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But I saw only One Apsara that show her teeth

That’s interesting.

Next Journal then.. Apsara with  her Teeth…..

Angkor Wat (part 1)

Wake up!!

Wake up!!! baby

wake up Its 5 am.!!

We both hurry up. A quick shower, and check out at the Hotel..Too many stuff. So we have to left some at the Hotel. My baby camel doll. some clothes And Goddamn carpet.

I dont understand why he brought that red carpet to bkk..

When I first saw that red carpet on the floor I thought that it belong to the Hotel.

But Hell…NO…Its not… My belove bf brought it on the way from Afghanistan to Bangkok.


Ok. All done. We walk to the gate way. Yeah.. Over there.. Our Hotel staff waiting for us there.

We book Tuk Tuk to pick us up at the airport…Pls… Its not look like Tuk Tuk In Thailand.

Its Motorcycle with passenger trailer serving as taxi—and the driver wear Helmet…

Yeah. Heres come the Hotel.. Golden Banana Boutique Resort..

The first time that I hear Golden Banana.. I think most of ppl will think… Thats weird Hotel name..Golden??? banana??? Banana??? First thing I think is is it GAY HOTEL???

How come my Bf knew that Hotel..???(so it make me a bit curious about my bf…  lol……)

And Yeah…. well… its not Gay Hotel.. But,,, hmmm… yeah It is..

The manager there is Gay guy ( handsome gay guy) and his friend is Thai(gay)guy,

They are so nice, so friendly,we have such a warm welcoming from them,

The Resort consists of;

Villas and Suites built in traditional pagoda style in garden setting

5 minutes walking distance to the old centre of Siem Reap, the heart of the Angkor Wat area

Located in a residential area

2 Swimming pools with fountain and cocktail bar

★★★★★Gay friendly (yes. Super friendly gay. Theres one gay there. He can speak Thai, as I talk to him. he said he work in Thailand before.adn he really wanan come back to Thailand and work again.Coz get much more money than in cambodia.


View from Our Balcony


Lobby area


Outside Shower.


I love this painting…Most of painting around the Hotel, its the same concept. gay men with wide smile and  happy face… 😀


After we checked in. we have 15 min to prepare.

coz we gonna go direct to Angkor. We book our Tuk Tuk for whole day.

For today I dont have a tour guide.  My Tour guide is Dave.He been here many time.

He so fascinate about this place… Angkor Wat. He even wanna do some romantic thing here//

But lucky that he not… Coz if he do that.. I think I have to say.. Are you crazy babe . Its too hot here…. im gonna be in bad mood instead of romantic one..

back to our first day in Cambodia

Our Tuk tuk driver take us to buy The Angkor pass .

They have for 1 day ,3 days and 7 days

Fees and number of days

US$ 20 for one day

US$ 40 for three days

US$ 60 for one week

we choose 3 days pass ..its 40USD each. After we finish with our ticket, we head on to Angkor Wat


Wowow.. Its so incredible… (even I see it from a far sight) Looks so Massive. Huge, Enormous,significant.

Even I put all the words that mean ‘BIG’. I don’t think it can describe all my feeling that I feel when the first time I saw that place. If compare with a man . Its like when the man saw a Beautiful woman and feel like its hard to breath Coz She’s TOO Beautiful. She can Stop all the moment around you. You will not hear other people talking. Or the motorbike passing by. Or even the little kid who shout at you tell you to be-careful ,Coz the car coming .And it about to crash you. But you feel like you in a dream and all your movement stop by that Beautiful Woman.( For me in this case …it ‘s  Angkor Wat)

To be continued