New Art collection from HANOI (part I)

Its been raining all day since Im here in Hanoi

and even worst is the temperature, its around 11-12 celsius

Goddamn, I fell like Im  in Europe again… Is this Asia or what?

But I guess its the effect of the TSUNAMI&EARTHQUAKE in Japan.


First day in Hanoi we didnt do anything much, as we took the early flight,

(so we didnt sleep the night before we fly)

we arrived at Noi Bai Airport around 8.40 am.

we have the car pick us up at the airport. So its took another 30 min to the Hotel.

Our hotel is in OLD QUARTER area, so its easy to walk around


After we check in at the Hotel,

we sleep like death, and woke up again night time.

so we walk out and find something to eat.

we end up at one restaurant. Look really nice, well decor

First I thought its going to be expensive. But Its not.. OMG.

I order HOTPOT..

I thought this HOTPOT just going to be one small clay hotpot for one person

But Hell. Its not. They bring out the  pot and then one tray of vegetables,one tray of Beef and one tray of noodle.. lol

Thats like for a Family  -_-” I will never order HOTPOT here again



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