DIY Earring Hanger

About week ago, Im look up something on the internet,,,

—–What Did I look up??

Earring hanger– yes.

–>Coz I got load of earring and I got just a few earring hanger.

and I saw one girl she post DIY earring hanger,

First time I saw that. I thought to myself.

‘Its such a Superb idea’. yes, Im going to do that earring hanger.

Its easy and cheap(  If u have all the stuff )


Lets start it

Things to prepare

1.Picture Frame ( Any kind of frame that u like.

I dont have an old frame at my house so I bought this frame. I want White color tho, but they dont have it )

2.Door netting,  U can buy at the household store


4.Metal Stapler

5.Cloth( For back frame)


Ok, Im going to write it step by step, so its easy for you to follow

1.—>Cut the door netting (  same size as ur Frame or u can cut it a bit bigger and u can trim it out later)

and join them together with your stapler ( you might want your daddy or your BF help you ,Coz its quite hard, lol

as for me after i finish this all my hands re red(bruise) …

Heres the frame after putting the door net

Second step .. cut the cloth and joining it with the frame( Its just like u did to your door netting )

and now.. Your Frame is ready for all the Earring

Here ya Go..—–>

My DIY Earring hanger ..Its so awesome ,isn’t it.

Helping u keep your earrings in pair

( so now all your earring gonna stick as a pair)

No need to run around the room and find the other side of ur earring  😛 ( I did that all the time )

But i guess I need one or 2 more of This…lol..

seem like  only one frame is not enough for my all earring….

Have a Great Great day Folks   xxx

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