First oF all…–>  HAPPY BIRTH DAY EMMY


Got *SeCRET* Private message from Antoine….. Yeah…. I was wondering what he want… lol…

Ok, I guess I can reveal that SECRET NOW.. He want us to Join SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY for Emmy.

He said Its SECRET,,, Ok I think  I can keep the secret.. And yes, I DID.


When Im think about BIRTHDAY thing, yes of course, Must have PRESENT,

 I asked myself. What Im gonna give to Emmy,—>Banddname stuff,  Oh hell , I cannot afford that. of course.

How about Flowers? –>Well. they both too busy mayb they have no time to watering them.

and Finally last thing that pop up in my head is——  PAINTING.

 I can paint but not so well.. BUT who cares, I love what I did thou. 



I decided to paint Egypt stuff + Eye of Horus

 Its for GOOD LUCK and prevent U from all the evil or bad stuff












 The party was so great, Antoine prepared all the thing so PERFECTLY

 I can see his afford,Emmy means a lot to him ————-awww Thats so sweet—— Heres some pics from the party— > Thank you for Antoine and Emmy  for being such a great host. :D———————————————————————————————————Preparing for Emmy, Shes about coming Home… yeah..————————————————————————————–

Such a good time with friends and my baby




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