Mother’s Day วันแม่แห่งชาติ

12th August of every year

its Mother’s day in Thailand( The Queen ‘s Birth day)

and its consider to be public holiday…. yeah… 😀


For myself... what Im going to give to my mom this year>???? hmmm…

actually I don’t have a plan. and I don’t care much about the date,

Coz I love my mom every day.. even I’m not showing to her much.

and I think she knows that I love her. so that does not matter about the date

but just thinking that,, there should be something MORE special for her.

a little surprise for her, Its an Dave’ idea.

He ask me to send Flower to mom…. I mean a really Flower bouquet…

well.. I guess my mom will be surprise when she get that flowers  😀

so I order flowers online at

its the website that Dave’ always order flowers for me when he was in Afghanistan


What I ordered for her is————–>

This  Beautiful Garland


and the beautiful fruits+flowers basket


I Hope she will like them


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