House Warming party


We moved to this house few weeks ago…. and we just got the right time to have our party

Its not a big party, just a small little BBQ party…


On Friday we went to the market( Me Nootchie and N’Ann)

I love the fresh market.but I dont like to carry too heavy stuff… Oii.. Thats make me wanna come back home..

we bought 2 kg of Beef/ 1.5 kg of Pork/ 7 pcs Chicken…. See.. Thats heavy… Oh thats not  count all the veggie that we bought and other stuff yet.

My left arm still pain…. we got taxi back home and Nootchie help me to prepare all the food.. Shes really good Cooker…

—> If you have any party… CALL HER…. You wont regret… Shes really GOOD at Cooking….  I think its her Talent


So we prepare the food  and by the time that Dave come back from Cambodia( I Miss him so much) ..Finally Hes back… ^^

Next day.. Nootchie call me from Market…  she saw a Big Oysters…. So I told her to get it… as I know that WE All Girl Love Oyster…

I think we should have Oyster party next time.. But I dont think its gonna be at  our house… Coz Our house is really far from central…

Its not convenient for all friends— I feel really glateful and happy for all the people who come to join our BBQ party.

เรารู้ว่าบ้านเราอยู่ไกล แต่ขอบใจทุกคนที่มาน่ะจ๊ะ


You know… I feel that sometime.. “Money meant nothing when you have many good friends around you..”


Oh yes…..–>and Its like Good-bye BBQ party for Ople and Peter too…

P’Peter & Ople– Thank you for Puggy Doll… its really cute

* Have a Good Flight Today Sis *

__Special Thanks to –>Bupe for Bring us Somtam PUMA.. Yeahhh
__Special Thanks to–> Pimmie for my Kanoon and Hoi….. Yum Yum**

* Thank you for everyone to come to our house*

Unny /Dave/Malalai/Sierra

Location: our House

Till we meet again next time when we re in town….

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we moved to this house few weeks ago…. and we just got the right time to have our party* Thank you for everyone to come to our house*
Unny /Dave/Malalai/Sierra

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. azureun
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 22:23:10

    Thank you Ginger :D… so we should have BBQ party when we get there.. Ok ?


  2. ginger
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 21:41:37

    the food looks beautiful, and delicious…I wish we could have been there….maybe one day we can come to visit, i would love to come there and meet you….your house is so pretty and i love the dog statue, lol… ginger


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