Longchamp (part I)

Its the first time that I order something online…..

Oh well.. I heard about LONGCHAMP long time ago..

but I didnt feel interest in it…

as I got many bags.. I remember last few month ago, someone that I knew.

Her Bf came back from England,  and she bought 2 Longchamp.

and she ask me  If I want one..

Oh well.. I ask her. whats the tag said…..

–>>’Made In China“<– thats what on the tag…

so I was like.. eerrr.. made in China…. never mind I dont want that bag…

I always can find one in China. I think…lol…


So.. what made me feel that I want Longchamp??????

yes…I have to go to school…

and I think the bag that I have wont take much textbooks,,,

so Im thinking about the bag that have more space,__Carry All– the thing that I have….

And all the answer is Longchamp..

Its big and its not so expensive…..  ❤

I start to search on the internet…

see if I can find a website that I can trust, that they not gonna give me a fake bag..

and I found one…..http://www.loveshop888.com

so I sent email and ask about  the product….

just one hour and she replied me…  Good customer service, huh 😀

Ok.  they got the one that I want.. So I order it……


Hope I will get it this Tuesday,,,,