Farmville Addiction ( R U One of them?)

Yes… That short hair ,tan skin is ME….and that 2 dogs is mine…

Its my avatar in FARMVILLE..


Oh yes Im 26 years old, and Im playing Farmville.. whats wrong with that huh???

—->> Normally I use facebook just for update my life,contact my friends…

A lot before,theres many friends that send me a REQUEST to using farmville.

But all the time I refused… But Finally I accepted  it.. I dont know what make me accept that…

when I start playing this game… Im a bit confuse. How we play, how we get  farm cash,ect….

But when Im into it. I feel more fun. enjoy it……


I think this game make you addicted to the laptop/pc..Its stick you to the chair,

you do not want to move or do something else, you just want to look at your screen,

see if theres something POp-up, or mayb some wandering animals, so we can rescue them…lol…

and you have to harvest your farm.feed your chicken.fertilize your farm, visit your neighbour,fertilize their farm

Yes!! a few first level… its make you feel like you have to GET IT,,, GET IT…..

I want next LEVEL!!!  WANT IT WANT IT……

need to harvest more,buy things more so that we will get more score to the next level


OH…. Its fun.. Its like a Challenge… I Like it.. I want to play it all the time…..

Its the Excellent/incredible game I’ve ever play in my Life.(Well that’s sound so over acting)

But yes… if you ask all the people who addict to the game… They all will say the same thing,

I remember that I have to wake up 3 am, just to harvest my farm and then went back to sleep…

Its fun, I like it, I dont mind to wake up in the middle of the night to harvest my farm,

I have to harvest it, otherwise,all the plants that I crop will withered…


But recently, Im not playing this game much, Thats becoz im a bit busy about my work and my study

So I dont have time to plant or check my farm…… first few day that I didnt play the game, I feel like I missed some thing,feel anxious,

feeling not good… Yes, I Lost something that I have to do, Playing game is like my routine,,, I have to do it everyday.

But time pass by,, yes Im feeling better, feel like I dont have to sign in into FARMVILL…..

Im feeling much better…. I dont feel like I have to Speed my level,got more farm cash, more coin.


My life is back to normal……

I Play FARMVILLE when I want to play,

Im control the game not the game control me…

Enjoy your FARMVILLE, and Hope you wont addict to it much…..

you got so many thing to do in real world

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