The Manhattan FISH MARKET : Central World

Ok, So follow me to Central world.Its not my plan today to go to central world,as i have a plan with P Nikki and P ‘Arik to have somtam together.

But well.. whatever that make me change my mind to central world…. lol… But hey I’m not regret that i went there… Coz the food so Yummy..

yeah I’m talking about The Manhattan Fish Market 7th floor, Central World. More details at

I guess many people wrote about this place. so i wont describe so much.. If you wanna try, juts go to 7th floor, Central world…

Big Dish… I cant eat all… (finally Doggie bag)**Drool**

Big Cookie.. NO…. its Not…

Try to read????


Fried Calamari… Yum yum with spicy sauce

My Drink*water* and Bupe ‘ drink *Apple*??? hmmm.. I think so