funny Dave


The 4th of March 2010. Thats my last day at work.

i have been work at President park Hotel for 3 years and 5 month.

smiley face


Well. I never thought that i will work in Hotel field before,but of course that i love to do something that about English.

as my Major in my University is English.  I have to say Thank you to Rin,she’s my friend from my high school.

she introduce me to this job,and i think its a good idea to have this job and working,

so i can take care myself.dont have to ask money from momma.

So since i start work,  I take care myself, for everything.  its good  you know.

I feel like i am ADULT, yes, im not 10 years old girl who always crying for Mom and Dad.

Its good to work at PP. and i guess im one of a Good staff they have there. lol.. am i flattering myself?? No..  😀

But every chapter of life always have the end. and this one chapter of my life to working here is End

Once in a life time. Work in a Fabulous place like PP

Thanks for all your support and your love. i will never forget you guys.