Malalai & Sierra

Yesterday I bought Pug home.. But hey.. Its not a PUG but Double PUG…

I got 2… 😀  heheh// P Tong gave me 2 for special price… so I accept it.

and I thinki its a good idea if Malalai will have a friends…

I guess P Tong think a lot.. becoz Sierra is really beautiful and can be Champion so easily if she gonna join the dog show..

Well.. 😀   anyway she gave me… lol…. she said coz im look gentle and  really  love dog and she think im gonna take good care of dogs.. yes I will

Heres some cute pics of Malalai and Sierra

Pickin’ Malalai Up

Today, Im going to Pick Malalai’up from her Kannel….

I feel really exciting. Its been 44 days since I ‘ve been waiting for her. wait till she grow enough

Who knows today mayb I will get Malalai or mayb get her Sis too,,,

Its depend on the Owner  of that Kennel that she will give me  or not (2 pugs for better price )

Well.. I dont mind if I can’t get 2 pug, Coz first thing. I only wanna have one dog,

But just worry that Malalai will feel lonely,thats why I get an idea to take 2 pugs.

Will see…this evening…… lol…..

As I always contact with the Dog Kennel. and she’s really nice lady, her name is P Tong.

shes always give me an advice about Pug, so I think I made something for her.

yes,,, nothing much that I can made,,, ahhaha.. but.. yes Painting (again)

I will give her this painting.. I Hope She will Like it. and put it in her Kennel.

Visit her website at

My new baby(part IX)

Yesterday  25th of March, Thats the day that Malalai was 6 weeks old.

Shes getting  bigger. I was suppose to put this blog  yesterday, But damn * smthn*

I dont know whats wrong with wordpress, i can’t log in to my account,, Thats really piss me off.. Oh well…..

So heres the picture of her…

House for Malalai

Today.. i was thinking about buying a house(cage) for Malalai ,

Becoz when  Im not home, she will not walk around, and poop around.. lol…..

well.. anyway i will teach her to poop outside,(Will do my best,,awww.. Hope shes not to mean to teach something)

i search GOOGLE( oh yeah MR GOOGLE Know -it -ALL) and I saw one website. its about Petshop..

seem like its a trustful, reliable website. so i order the hose for Malalai, i feel all the details,

and after that 5 min, theres staff call me back and ask me wheather i want Messenger to send the stuff that i order..

I thought.. yesh. Thats so nice.. I dont have to wait… and dont have to carry heavy stuff home…

You know theres many thing i want to buy but i cant,

coz i cant carry them home, its too heavy fro me I have to waiting for Dave to come.. So that he will help me.. My Super Power Man..

By the way, if you guys wanna order some stuff for your puppy, try this website

Love it….. 😀

MY new baby( part VIII)

Yes… Now Malalai is 5 weeks old

Sooner, she gonna come to new home. 😀

I think shes getting Chubby, I was worrying that she will have dark fur,

But P Tong said. when they growing up, the color will change a bit.

I saw picture of Malalai’ bro and Sis and i feel like I want Them All….

Puggy Lisa

Thats what i do today, painting. Got an idea from the PUG Lover website.

New way to Decor your house

I Went to Central World 2 weeks ago.

Walk to B2S shop,and stop by one counter.

They have the pattern Book, show their product,

and its interested to me. its the decor sticker .

I like the Eiffel Tower and Kitty play. but they dont have the stock there.

so I just walked out and  told myself that.. well I didn’t want that much.

But after I come back to my room.

I log in into their website (that I apparently wrote it

Is that sound like i didn’t want that sticker much??

So I saw that they have many design, but anyway, I still like The Eiffel and Kitty Play

,so i called and order( They have Messenger staff delivery for you  if you re in BKK area)

Feel good to doing this..  🙂

The Blank Wall

The Box

Feel like 10 years old girl again

Little by Little

My New baby (part VII)

Now my Malalai is 4 weeks old ..

Shes getting bigger… lol.. chubby little cute

The Manhattan FISH MARKET : Central World

Ok, So follow me to Central world.Its not my plan today to go to central world,as i have a plan with P Nikki and P ‘Arik to have somtam together.

But well.. whatever that make me change my mind to central world…. lol… But hey I’m not regret that i went there… Coz the food so Yummy..

yeah I’m talking about The Manhattan Fish Market 7th floor, Central World. More details at

I guess many people wrote about this place. so i wont describe so much.. If you wanna try, juts go to 7th floor, Central world…

Big Dish… I cant eat all… (finally Doggie bag)**Drool**

Big Cookie.. NO…. its Not…

Try to read????


Fried Calamari… Yum yum with spicy sauce

My Drink*water* and Bupe ‘ drink *Apple*??? hmmm.. I think so

funny Dave

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