Stuff For Malalai

Yesterday after i finish  work. I have an appointment with the Condo owner,

I have to deposit  for my room,and such,, it went well. and that lady seem like shes a really nice lady,

She’s The Middle age woman. Chinese Looking, her face look like shes happy all the time.

Khun Paew(My sales person) she told me before that this lady she work for some Organization,

and yesterday that i met her, she told me about her job,

so finally i knew that shes work for WORLD VISION.

But its not my main  story today… heheh…. Im about to talk about,,

hmm.. i went to pet shop, and bought some stuff for Malalai.

I walk to the pet shop, and Woowowo..

Theres so many cute stuff for a pets, Not just dogs, but cats and hamster..

First thing that i want to buy is Bag for Malalai,

so that  I can carry her with me, bring her out..

Theres many kinds of bag, but i choose this one, Jeans bag,

its really cute and nice. and there’s a small net window,

Good for a dog,They will have more air to breath..

and other stuff is playing balls,, heheh… so that Malalai will not be lazy dog… She needs to exercise.

Her purple toilet, Her plate. I guess i need more stuff. i think i will buy more after i get her with me.

I need to learn more about her,

Last night I chat with P’ Tong. Shes the owner of GT Sairoong Kennel.

shes really helpful and really  nice. shes willing to help and answer for every question that i asked.

She told me that,Malalai  eat a lot…. lol….. mayb my baby will get fat soon.. hahhah….

P’Tong will update Malalai pics for me when shes 2 weeks old.

Im really looking forward to see her new picture.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. azureun
    Feb 18, 2010 @ 11:22:14

    baby….. hu…… thats gonna be her bed for now…. Coz she has to waiting for you until u bring her UK stuffs… hu>>> Deal????


  2. Dave
    Feb 18, 2010 @ 11:19:12

    BABY, we can’t use that leopard print for Malalai. I don’t want her to be a fashion junkie. She gotta be a sports fan. lol


  3. Rich
    Feb 18, 2010 @ 03:45:44

    Looks like you are just about ready. I’m sure
    it will be a great day. Please take some pics to share 🙂


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