The Jinshanling Great Wall


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Jinshanling, Great Wall of China

Jinshanling (Chinese: 金山岭; Chinese: 金山嶺; Chinese: Jīnshānlǐng),

a section of the Great Wall of China located in the mountainous area in Luanping County,

125 km northeast of Beijing. This section of the wall is connected with the Simatai sectionto the east.

Some distance to the west lies the Mutianyu section. Jinshanling section of the wall was built from 1570 during the Ming Dynasty.

The Jinshanling section of the Great Wall is 10.5 km long with 5 passes,

67 towers and 2 beacon towers. The initial section of the wall has been restored to original condition,

but the condition of the wall deteriorates towards its natural state as it approaches Simatai.

The entrance fee is 40 RMB. A cable car has been constructed to take visitors to the highest point along the wall.

There is an additional admission charge of 50 RMB to continue on to the Simatai section, and a 5 RMB fee to cross the suspension bridge.

Dave’ Birthday.

He has a best plan, i think. yes.

and included me in that plan too..

we not do such a sweet dinner, or shopping around Beijing,

we do Hiking !!! yes of course. Hiking,

we woke up around 5 am,waiting for our tour guide to bring us to Jinshanling Great wall.

On the way, i feel like he try to persuate us not  to go to Jinshanling, he said. Its windy. and really cold today

and he can just drop us at Simatai Great wall(thats our destination for hiking)

yes of course, the answer for me and Dave   must be,Hell, we will go, we will Hiking..

so for all of us 9 ppl, i think. theres 3 ppl, they change their mind, not to hiking, just gonna wait at Simatai.

I felt like… . so why they join this Hiking for???? chicken shit by sudden???

its just 10 km  hiking…. Once in a life time….

well.. whatever, i think they must have reason why they change their mind, windy,cold…ect..

anyway… we make it… we hiking from Jinshanling to Simatai Great wall.

i feel really happy that we can make it.. 10 km walked(hiking) with the cold and windy weather…lol.

Im glad i can make it. even i have to stop and do my booger nose every ten min.(runny nose all the time)

its such a good memory

Its one of the most amazing thing here  in this Trip

Dave said:Its Great that we do this kind of thing together. ;D

What I dont like about China..


They block my facebook…… i was so pissed when i knew that//

Coz i growing my farm( FARMVILLE) and you know.. 10 days.. all my plants will died…..awwwww

China Trip

10 days in China…..

I was like…… Hell. i will never come back in China (again)

err…. i mean in WINTER TIME……. !!!

even its not snowing…

(well, im a bit sad that i  have no chance t see snow in China.

all i saw just those slush in the temple, on the great wall

But as i heard, Dave told me. the day we back to BKK theres a snow storm in China…..

WeLL… Im Lucky then…. its the first time that i face a really Really COLD Weather.

I missed Thailand a lot… I Miss our Hot weather, Miss our food. Even i can eat Chinese food.

But i still think, Thai Food is the Best !!! Best Best Best !!! Best of The Best   😀

especially Somtam……

First day in China… after we arrive at the airport in Beijing….

we walk out… i felf so cold by sudden, I told Dave… Damn it. Its cold baby.

Pls be hurry.. find the Taxi and get out of here…. Damn ,even get out of here.

its gonna be so cold anyway…. i feel so stupid.

we stayed at Hostel called Sitting on the city walls, near The forbidden city.

I totally Love THIS PLACE… the staffs so nice. and feel so comfy.

we stayed  in Beijing for 7 days and then we fly to Xi’an, stay at The Shangrila Hotel.

the room is so nice. and as u knew.. the service so excellent.

every time when we  come back to our room.

the bed already made, . so i was wondering, how they knew that we go out… lol.

I love the service@ Shangrila.

even most of the staff there cant speak English well.. but they all have service mind, and willing to help .

Stay in Xi’an for 3 dyas. i think that quite enough for me. the weather there not so cold. its warmer than Beijing

Heres some misc from  my trips. 🙂