Koh Kret ( เกาะเกร็ด)

Not too far and not too close from Bangkok...

.natural, local food, local thai people, Where  is it???

and the answer is Koh Kret,

I heard about KOh Kret since i was a little girl…

but I just have a chance to go there when im a Big old girl lol……

Start my trip with,,, Oh yes.. take  SKY TRAIN to Saphan Tak Sin Station

and then go to the Pier.. Buy boat ticket,, which is only 17 THB,,, (SO CHEAP)

and then its take one hour by boat…. well.. im not in hurry.

Coz just sitting on the boat and just look around,

see the building, see local people…. think nothing..

Thats make myself calm  a lots…

Its good to relax, its good to see different thing,

rather than my daily life, tall building, pollution,rush hour,rush people.

seem like the life in Big City always Rush..

*** They NEED A REST *** ; I think

Ok. well… after arrive at NONTABURI PIER…on that pier, theres many boat driver.

they will ask you if you want to hire a long tail boat around KOH KRET.

( In case if you dont wanna wait)

and  they have a ticket booth,,,

pay only 100 thb and you can get on a boat  and they take you around for 3 hours

But in this case,   you will have to wait till they get 7 passengers on the boat,

So If you go with many friends, Thats a good choice,reasonable price..


** Boat ticket 17 THB

** Long tail boat 100 THB

**Shopping 1000 THB

lol… such a CHEAP TRIP !!!!

Adrian DeSilva – Come One Day

Keep going now, don’t hesitate.

Your dreams will come one day.

They will come oneday





I Believe that too




Be an Angel for Charity

Yes, last night was so fun. It was a GREAT party.

Be an Angel for Charity.. it was fun night out to met friends, also new friends.

Frankly im a SLOTH Type , im lazy to going out at night,

I always feel that its not safe to go out at night.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to hang out.

Yes I Do like to hangout (sometime) but its gonna be more fun if my bf here.

Coz I feel safe when im with him.

Hes like my Hero… My Super hero

Heres some pics from last night,

I wish Dave were there…

but I guess I have to wait….

But its ok. Just a few more weeks.

And I can be with Dave.