Watch Out, Drunkard

watch out

Be-careful when you drink those SHOT  !!!!

you can turn to be GODZILLA……

Mouth on Fire

Koh Tao

In the page About Azureun.

I wrote about my fav place in Thailand.

Koh Tao.( Tao mean turtle in Thai language),

Located in the south of Thailand,Chumporn province.

The first time that i visited Koh tao was 5 years ago,such a long time huh?

but even its been a long time but i still fell in love that small island.

i love the surrounding natural there. especially in the north of the island.

especially HinWong Bay and Mango Bay.. but this time i choose to stay at Mango bay.

Its really nice and cozy place. I spend 2 night there.,

well… yes.. of course, do nothing… just feel relax,,, reading some book.

do snorkelling;… feed those little with the cat, touch my bf belly.

sleep next to him….its such a nice time there. I hope i can be back there again soon








Need you now

know this song from my bf…… 😉