Italy (Rome VS Pisa )

Rememember that I didn’t go to Spanish step and Piazzananova…..???

Coz of my sickness.. and yesterday we went to Vatican City(we cant change the booking date)

So today My bf took me to spanish step and Piazzananova…

he knews that I will Love those places, Coz many art work in that area….

And yes.. I Love it.. ;D   Many painting stuff,many street artist… They do really cool job! …

Lol… and I got my portrait…. Hahaha    I love it tho… he did a Good Job !!

I just sitting for 15 min. and then I got my drawing.,,, hehhehe…

And after that we walk around,and Walk to the Piazza del Popolo.

Visit Leonardo De Vinci museum…. I LOVE that lil Museum… and Love Leo… He such a creative man. 😀

Enjoy my last night in Rome a Lot….. and next day we have to fly to Pisa..

yes.. The big Tall leaning tower waiting for me now////

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