And Finally my vacation will finish soon…

after our hard walk( yes, walked and walked)Athens(Greece) Rome,Pisa(Italy) and Paris (france)

Heres the place that I would love to visit the Most…

**Santorini Island***   Since I saw  the movie  The Sisterhood of travelling Pants.

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2

I fall in love with the view of That small island


We stayed at Iriana Apartment.. This Place AB-So-LUTE-LY Wonderful….

If you visit Santorini, I would love you to stay in this place…

really nice place, the best view for sunset,

with the old lady who always taking care of us..…

My Bf told me that  she cried when we left(Checked out)

and keep saying Thank you thank you that we stay in her apartment, Such a cute lady  …

Check this link out.

Our first day in santorini, we do nothing… hahah….

Just we took flight from Paris To Athens and then to Santorini…… my ass hurt…

But since I saw the view of the sunset, I feel like,, all my glooming day,

bad feeling, ass hurt,, all Is Gone… Just by seeing the sunset…

I don’t know How to describe that. But I feel like its Heaven on Earth,,, breath taking…

We walk to our Hotel…

The Hotel in Good Location. Nice view… from the view of our room.

We can see a really nice sunset, I think even better in Oia village.,,

( Oia is the famous place to see sunset,, everybody that visit Santorini must go to Oia…

Im happy  that I can have more time with my baby.. as in other country,

he always walk and walk and take photoes.he love to walk a lot. Till I feel like. Aren’t he tired???

But now we have our relax time.more time together, I love it.

Enjoy the pics and have a wonderful day.

santorini 2

Misc .Paris

Oh yes.. finally our last destination in Europe,after that we’ll fly  to Santorini (Greece)
To have our relax time.before we all separate,
Becca and Sis fly back to USA,Dave fly back to Afghanistan, and me Fly back to Thailand,,,

We flew from Galileo Galilei Airport (Italy) to Orly Airport (Paris)…
after that we took the train to the Hotel.. Which is The Big Mistake….lol….
in the map, the hotel seem like not far from the station..
but,,as we hove loads of luggage,and don’t know the way.. so a Bit takes time to get to The Hotel…

I Love the Hotel. Cozy and Cool design,,,
From Our Hotel Just 5 to 10 min to Arc de Triomphe and   Avenue des Champs-Élysées by Walk… 🙂

Heres just my notice, I saw many Homeless people. In Paris than in Rome and Greece..
I mean.. Oh yes. There’s Homeless all around the world…

But just.. Why its so different … I saw many People who drove Ferrari,
or other expensive car,but at the same time saw people who try to find some food from the garbage bin……
well… OK.. It’s a Life..

Heres In Paris. Finally I can have my Thai Food…lol…
Im so exciting.. hahaha… But the owner of that Thai restaurant is not Thai. He is Chinese…
OH Godddd…….

Paris is more expensive than Greece and Rome.( I think)

OK. Heres some pics from our trips in Paris..For this trip in Paris.
I Love Moulin Rouge. Well. First I thought that we cant see that show.
Coz we didn’t book the ticket.. we went there afternoon time,
to ask the staff there. See if we can have a ticket. But they said,
we have to come back again 10 .30 pm. Mayb we can have a seat, or maybe not..
lol… What the heck… But we really wanna see that,,, OK… So we try it… and we Got the ticket…lol…
Im So happy…the ticket fee is around 102 Euro/Pax include Drink… (Oh yes. My Drink is Pepsi,,,) hahaha  ^^

But Im so sad that we can’t take any picture from the show,
They not allow us to take camera,mobile,video camera inside ,
so we have to left our camera outside…

The Show was so Hilarious… Love all the girls… Love all the Boobies….lol…and Of course Love all the Show…

Ok.. enjoy the pics na ka…

– Arc de Triomphe

-Eiffel Tower

-Nortre Dame paris

-Moulin Rouge

-Versaille palace

-Invalides, Naporean

-Lourve Museum

Italy (Rome VS Pisa )

Rememember that I didn’t go to Spanish step and Piazzananova…..???

Coz of my sickness.. and yesterday we went to Vatican City(we cant change the booking date)

So today My bf took me to spanish step and Piazzananova…

he knews that I will Love those places, Coz many art work in that area….

And yes.. I Love it.. ;D   Many painting stuff,many street artist… They do really cool job! …

Lol… and I got my portrait…. Hahaha    I love it tho… he did a Good Job !!

I just sitting for 15 min. and then I got my drawing.,,, hehhehe…

And after that we walk around,and Walk to the Piazza del Popolo.

Visit Leonardo De Vinci museum…. I LOVE that lil Museum… and Love Leo… He such a creative man. 😀

Enjoy my last night in Rome a Lot….. and next day we have to fly to Pisa..

yes.. The big Tall leaning tower waiting for me now////

Vatican City

Oh yes……… I feel like I lose something if im not pose something on my blog….

Heres. Today we went to Vatican city, we wake up up early….

Coz we booked ticket for the museum at 11 am.

( you better book ticket online) If not ,you have to waiting for such a LONG Line………

Some info about Vatican city

Vatican City /ˈvætɪkən ˈsɪti/ , officially the State of the Vatican City (Italian: Stato della Città del Vaticano),

is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome, the capital city of Italy.

At approximately 44 hectares (110 acres) (0.44 km2), and with a population of around 900,

it is the smallest country in the world by both area and population. (This does not include micronations).

For more Info  ……

After Visit Vatican City, we head to  Castel Sant’Angelo

The Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as the Castel Sant’Angelo,

is a towering cylindrical building in Rome, initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian

as a mausoleum for himself and his family. The building was later used as a fortress and castle, and is now a museum

And for more detail Visit Wikipedia again.. ok??  ;D

Enjoy the picture… Im lazy now…. Lol.. tired from work today/////


vatican 2

vatican 3

vatican 4

vatican 5

unny dawood

michael angelo castle