Rome..Fontana Di Trevi..Spanish Steps


Part IV

After our night at  Colosseum. We walked to Fontana di Trevi ( Trevi fountain)…

This is the Place that I swear to myself. I Must Come Here… hahaha  😀

Me, Becca and Deb walk down to the Fountain,..

Deb first, she grab her coin and then throw to the Fountain///

and next, Me. Im about to throw my one coin in there. But Becca said.. Stop Unny..

You have to Throw 3 coins. Its For you. 😀

And then she told me the meaning of 3 coins………* Blush*

While we doing that(girly thing) I didn’t see my bf.’

I think he must walk around and take a Photos.. never mind… hahha….

After that night , the next day when I woke up.

I feel really heavy on my head. Oh Hell. Feel sick, cant breath.

So That day Im stay in Hotel room alone. Just to sleep.

And tell my Bf to go out and walk around with Becca and Deb

as the plan that we will go to Pantheon, Spanish step, Piazzananova etc.

I told him to go, but he resist to stay, Coz he worry.

Till I said , Hell im gonna be Ok. I just need a rest, That’s all. Then he can go..

But Im so Surprised, He come back very fast..

Coz normally when we go out we  will come back again like very late( VERY LATE AT NIGHT).. so

** thank You Dawood*

Thanks for always worry about me.

Some said. You wont know the person well till you spend time with that person,

Coz when you talk, chat, or heard the story from others. Mayb that’s not true,

or mayb its true.  But the best way is YOURSELF. Listen to yourself. But don’t be so innocent,,,

Don’t try to be a Perfect beautiful Obey lady..Mayb its cute.Listen to everything that he said. But finally its just like a PET…

You have your own life and your own thing that you have to do,him too.

He has his own life and his own thing that he has to do. BUT   your GOAL is be together.Right?

For Example..

..Its like. Me and My Bf will go to The Emporium Department store.

He go there by skytrain, Sukhumvit Road, But I go there by Motorbike from RAMAIV Road.

We have different way to go. But the Goals is to meet at The Emporium.

lol… …..I bla bla bla too much… hahaha sorry..

Anyway Its good to spend time with someone that you really want  to know more about them

and want  to be with them.




trevi habibi and dawood


spanish step

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