Athens VS Roma

Part III

The rest of the days that we have in Athens. We went to museums.

*National Archaeological Museum

*Acropolis Museum

*Agora Museum

*New Acropolis Museum

I feel like I didn’t see all museums yet…. Lol….. next  time then, if we come back again.

The day before we fly to Rome ,our next destination,

We celebrate our safety trip and wonderful  trip in Athens by treating ourselves  to Hard Rock Café(Athens).

Just imagine. We walk all day…. And so hungry and tired.

And you know when im tired I ll be like… hell… god.. I don’t wanna walked, huhu

But I have to keep walking to Hard Rock café.

When we reach there… Goshhhh.. Im so Hungry…

but after I get my food. All I can eat just half of that Beef Burger………….

Its not my fault.. Just the dish too big for me.

You agree with me.. right?>? that European Dish, European Food…. So BIG…….

but if Somtam Big Dish like that I will never deny it… hahhaha  (>-<)/

Our time in Athens finish, so we fly to Rome. We fly by Olympics airlines.its take about 2 hours  to Rome,

and time different for One hour. Its easy to fly within Schengen states.

Coz  you don’t have to pass Immigration dept. after you arrive you just grab your bag and then catch a cab, that’s all.

The Hotel that we stay in Rome is Cisterna Rome. It’s a family Hotel.

Small and cute, and the owner is so cute. Hes and old guy,love to smile.. hehhe…

so for that night we just take a rest in Hotel. And for the next day we went to Colosseum or Colossio

Heres the Pic of that cute old guy


Heres some pics from all museums that we went and the first day In Rome

museum achaeology




dawood and habibi


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