Rome..Fontana Di Trevi..Spanish Steps


Part IV

After our night at  Colosseum. We walked to Fontana di Trevi ( Trevi fountain)…

This is the Place that I swear to myself. I Must Come Here… hahaha  😀

Me, Becca and Deb walk down to the Fountain,..

Deb first, she grab her coin and then throw to the Fountain///

and next, Me. Im about to throw my one coin in there. But Becca said.. Stop Unny..

You have to Throw 3 coins. Its For you. 😀

And then she told me the meaning of 3 coins………* Blush*

While we doing that(girly thing) I didn’t see my bf.’

I think he must walk around and take a Photos.. never mind… hahha….

After that night , the next day when I woke up.

I feel really heavy on my head. Oh Hell. Feel sick, cant breath.

So That day Im stay in Hotel room alone. Just to sleep.

And tell my Bf to go out and walk around with Becca and Deb

as the plan that we will go to Pantheon, Spanish step, Piazzananova etc.

I told him to go, but he resist to stay, Coz he worry.

Till I said , Hell im gonna be Ok. I just need a rest, That’s all. Then he can go..

But Im so Surprised, He come back very fast..

Coz normally when we go out we  will come back again like very late( VERY LATE AT NIGHT).. so

** thank You Dawood*

Thanks for always worry about me.

Some said. You wont know the person well till you spend time with that person,

Coz when you talk, chat, or heard the story from others. Mayb that’s not true,

or mayb its true.  But the best way is YOURSELF. Listen to yourself. But don’t be so innocent,,,

Don’t try to be a Perfect beautiful Obey lady..Mayb its cute.Listen to everything that he said. But finally its just like a PET…

You have your own life and your own thing that you have to do,him too.

He has his own life and his own thing that he has to do. BUT   your GOAL is be together.Right?

For Example..

..Its like. Me and My Bf will go to The Emporium Department store.

He go there by skytrain, Sukhumvit Road, But I go there by Motorbike from RAMAIV Road.

We have different way to go. But the Goals is to meet at The Emporium.

lol… …..I bla bla bla too much… hahaha sorry..

Anyway Its good to spend time with someone that you really want  to know more about them

and want  to be with them.




trevi habibi and dawood


spanish step

Athens VS Roma

Part III

The rest of the days that we have in Athens. We went to museums.

*National Archaeological Museum

*Acropolis Museum

*Agora Museum

*New Acropolis Museum

I feel like I didn’t see all museums yet…. Lol….. next  time then, if we come back again.

The day before we fly to Rome ,our next destination,

We celebrate our safety trip and wonderful  trip in Athens by treating ourselves  to Hard Rock Café(Athens).

Just imagine. We walk all day…. And so hungry and tired.

And you know when im tired I ll be like… hell… god.. I don’t wanna walked, huhu

But I have to keep walking to Hard Rock café.

When we reach there… Goshhhh.. Im so Hungry…

but after I get my food. All I can eat just half of that Beef Burger………….

Its not my fault.. Just the dish too big for me.

You agree with me.. right?>? that European Dish, European Food…. So BIG…….

but if Somtam Big Dish like that I will never deny it… hahhaha  (>-<)/

Our time in Athens finish, so we fly to Rome. We fly by Olympics airlines.its take about 2 hours  to Rome,

and time different for One hour. Its easy to fly within Schengen states.

Coz  you don’t have to pass Immigration dept. after you arrive you just grab your bag and then catch a cab, that’s all.

The Hotel that we stay in Rome is Cisterna Rome. It’s a family Hotel.

Small and cute, and the owner is so cute. Hes and old guy,love to smile.. hehhe…

so for that night we just take a rest in Hotel. And for the next day we went to Colosseum or Colossio

Heres the Pic of that cute old guy


Heres some pics from all museums that we went and the first day In Rome

museum achaeology




dawood and habibi


Greece (Delphi)


Part II

Yes. As I said on my first part  that my flight arr late and

we have to waiting for our friends,

so that’s why we only have Night pics for the first night.

For today (second night in Athens)

we woke up early and we heading The Parthenon Acropolis.

Buy the ticket. The ticket fee is 12 euro/person(adult)

Ticket also valid for







I walked and walked, till I feel like my legs cant walk anymore.

And you know what. At Acropolis, Ok. They have souvenir shop,

small post office, beverage shop which is have lemonade, watermelon shake,

orange juice.ect. But they Do Not Have WATER!! Yes water.. cant believe. But Pls believe me.

They not sell water up there. I don’t know why. So Pls bring your water with you,

otherwise you have to walk down to plaka(restaurant area)to buy WATER…which is around 10 min away.

We walked around acropolis for a day..*yes One day*….

After we all tired (in evening time) we went to eat around Plaka. I think for me Plaka is like Suanlum night bazaar,

You just imagine.the place with many restaurant and souvenir shop.not allow car in that area.

For next day we head up north to DELPHI…

Some Info about Delphi****

Delphi in ancient times was considered the center of the known world, the place where heaven and earth met.

This was the place on earth where man was closest to God. In Mythology,

Delphi was the meeting place of two eagles, released by Zeus and sent in opposite directions.

Where they met indicated the center of the earth.

Delphi is known as the center of worship for the God Apollo,

son of Zeus who embodied moral discipline and spiritual clarity.

But even before the area was associated with Apollo there were other deities worshipped here including the earth goddess Gea,

Themis, Demeter and Poseidon, the well known god of the sea.

By the end of the Mycenaean period Apollo had displaced these other deities and became the guardian of the oracle.

Thank you Matt Barret from info. If you interest you can log on

Or its gonna be easy for you if you saw the Movie 300. about Spartan(Greece)

if you remember the scene that the king go up to ask the Oracle girl about what he has to do or what gonna  happen to his city..

If you would like to head up to Delphi.  You can go there by Bus.the fee = 13.60 euro/person,its take around 3 hours to get there.

It even more a good idea if you will stay for one night there.

In winter time that place will be so crowd ,ppl head up north for skiing. Lucky that im not there in winter time…lol….

Im gonna so so FReeZING>>>>>>>






One month???

God… time pass so fast, cant believe that its almost one month already…

Im I change?/ oh yes, I think im getting thinner while my bf getting fatter,,, he eat and eat and eat,

Yes I eat too…eat like a cat… yes of course. I don’t like those food, bread,pizza,ect.

All the time that I eat, I have to order ketchup.

Coz it help me to eat.(i think its like NamPla)

Our flight arrive at the airport in Athens afternoon time. But we have to waiting for our 2 friends.

They re sisters Becca and Deb.

We wait like almost 2 hours but they not arr we think.

Theres must be something wrong with them.

So Dave he walk up and check with the airline.

And yes. They missed their flight… so we both decided to go to the Hotel first .

We checked in for our room and their room too.

Our room located  in Acropolis area.

We can walk to Acropolis and Plaka area so easily

Heres are some pics that I choose from our pics.

We have like than thousand… my bf love to take picture a LOT…..


athen at nite




Girl vs man

dawood and habibi